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The seven application areas of the hollow cup are explained

Date: 2018-10-08
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Main features of Coreless:


1. Energy saving characteristics: the energy conversion efficiency is very high, and the maximum efficiency is generally more than 70%, and some products can reach more than 90% (iron core motors are generally more than 70%).


2. Control characteristics: quick start and braking, extremely quick response, mechanical time constant less than 28 milliseconds, and some products can reach less than 10 milliseconds (ferro-motor is generally more than 100 milliseconds); Under the high speed running state in the recommended operation area, the speed can be adjusted sensitively easily.


3. Drag characteristics: the operation stability is very reliable, and the fluctuation of rotating speed is very small. As a miniature motor, the fluctuation of rotating speed can be easily controlled within 2%.


In addition, the energy density of the Coreless motor is greatly increased, and its weight and volume are reduced by 1/3 to 1/2 compared with the same power of the iron core motor.



In order to let users have a better understanding of the hollow brushless motor, the following is a main related discussion on its main application areas.



Field 1: electronic digital or office computer peripherals



In the application range of the hollow brushless motor, among which the office computer, peripheral equipment and electronic digital are the largest number of applications, especially in life, such as film camera fax machine, printer, copier, drive, etc.



Field 2: industrial control



With the large-scale production and development of the hollow brushless motor, its technology has become mature, and the drive system made by it has been increasingly used in industrial production, even becoming the mainstream of industrial electric motor. Industry in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency, so each big manufacturers need to provide different types of motor, so that you can meet the needs of different systems, so the hollow brushless motor into more and more widely in industry, now has been involved in printing, metallurgy, automated production lines, textile and nc machine tool and other industries.



Field 3: testing equipment field



It is well known that many test equipment are needed for experiments, and the components of these test equipment include hollow brushless motor. This is due to the use of laboratory equipment for the requirement of the motor is very high, not only requires good macro-control, also requires very high accuracy, such as mixer, centrifuges, etc., due to the use of hollow brushless motor made equipment can run stable, flexible handling, and no noise, so the scope of its application in the field of experiment are increasingly widespread.



Application field 4: household appliances and other fields



In our life, we will use a lot of household appliances, such as frequency conversion refrigerator and frequency conversion air conditioning equipment. These common frequency conversion equipment actually mainly benefits from the excellent performance of hollow brushless motor. In fact, the frequency conversion technology applied by the motor is the transition from the induction motor to the non-duplex motor and controller, so it can meet the requirements of high comfort, intelligence, low noise and energy conservation and environmental protection.



Application field 5: precision instruments requiring rapid response



Because the Coreless motor has got rid of the restriction of slow speed adjustment of iron core, the sensitivity of speed start and speed adjustment is extremely high. It can shorten the response time of high photoredrive and improve the missile hit rate in the military field. In the field of scientific research, the instruments used to collect data can be equipped with the ability of automatic rapid focus and highly sensitive recording and analysis.



Field 6: various aerospace vehicles



Due to out of the Coreless motor iron core is the limitation on the weight and the design space, so its not only take up the space is small volume, but also according to the requirements of various shuttle structure fine-tuning, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is too big to military precision motors, small to life common space model of the generator, all can see the figure of the Coreless motor.



Application field 7: convenient use of precision instruments



Due to its high efficiency energy conversion rate, small size, light weight and strong endurance, the Coreless motor is very suitable for various precision instruments that require convenient use, such as metal detectors, personal navigators and engineering instruments for field work.

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