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Common fault repair of micro speed reduction motor

Date: 2018-10-08
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In the process of development, the miniature speed reduction motor is more and more popular among the public. However, it will still show large and small doubts in the process of daily use. Therefore, we need to learn the common knowledge and make corrections for small defects.


If the tortuous degree of the micro-reduction motor shaft is not large, it can be trimmed by grinding; If the tortuous degree exceeds 0.2mm, it can be repaired by the press, After the correction, the surface will be polished and recovered as it is. If the tortuous degree is too big to be repaired, it should be replaced in time.


When the pinion wear journal of the micro speed reduction motor is not worn much, a layer of chrome can be plated on the journal and then polished to the required scale. When the wear is severe, the surfacing can be selected first, and then the window is trimmed to the specification scale; When the journal wears to the point where it cannot be trimmed, thinking about replacement.


The transverse crack depth of the shaft crack or cracking axis does not exceed 10%~15% of the shaft diameter. When the longitudinal crack does not exceed 10% of the shaft length, it can be surfacing first and then trimmed to reach the specification. If cracking and cracking are too severe, think about replacement.


The gap between the repair casing and the end cover of the micro reduction motor casing is too large, it can be over-welded by surfacing and then trimming. For example, the bearing end cover is too loose, it can be trimmed with a punch, and then the bearing is driven into the end cover, for high-power micro reduction motors, it can be trimmed by plating or other methods


Normal maintenance is appropriate to reduce and prevent the motor from running out of trouble, The most important part is to strengthen the inspection and timely sweep the source of any abnormal scene. It is necessary for the technical work to reduce the number of incidents, reduce the maintenance workload, and improve the running power of the micro speed reduction motor.

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