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What are the technical requirements for electric vehicle motors?

Date: 2018-08-30
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What are the special requirements for electric vehicle motors in terms of load requirements, technical performance and working environment:

1. The electric vehicle drive motor needs 4-5 times overload to meet the requirements of short-term acceleration or climbing; industrial motors only require 2 times overload.

2. The maximum speed of electric vehicles is required to reach 4-5 times of the basic speed when cruising on the road, while industrial motors only need to reach constant power, which is twice the basic speed.

3, electric vehicle drive motor needs to be designed according to the driving style of the model and the driver, and the industrial motor only needs to be designed according to the typical working mode.

4, electric vehicle drive motor requires high power density (generally required to reach 1kg / kw) and good efficiency map (high efficiency in a wide range of speed and torque range), which can reduce vehicle weight To extend the driving range; industrial motors generally consider power density, efficiency and cost, and optimize efficiency around the rated operating point.

5. Electric vehicle drive motors require high controllability, high steady-state accuracy, and good dynamic performance; industrial motors have only one specific performance requirement.

6. The electric vehicle drive motor is installed on the motor vehicle, the space is small, and the work is in a harsh environment such as high temperature, bad weather, and frequent vibration. Industrial motors usually work in a fixed position.

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