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The robot field is in the ascendant. The reducer industry is expected to enter the fast lane.

Date: 2018-08-29
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The rapid development of the domestic economy and the increase in the export volume of the heavy machinery industry. Due to the strength of the downstream market, especially the booming development of the robot industry, the future development prospects of the gearbox industry continue to improve. The current industrial robot field is in the ascendant, sales are climbing, and the potential demand for reducers is increasing year by year.

The robot field is in the ascendant. The reducer industry is expected to enter the fast lane.

An industrial robot is a general-purpose machine equipped with a memory device and an end effect device that can perform various movements or processes instead of human labor. It is often used in production to replace some of the monotonous, frequent and repetitive long-term operations of workers, or in hazardous and harsh environments. It can improve the efficiency of production and the quality of products, and is an effective solution for enterprises to supplement and replace labor.

From high-speed power units such as electric motors and internal combustion engines to the working end of the power unit, a process of speed reduction and torque increase is required. The reducer is the power transmission mechanism that implements this process.

The reducer is one of the basic equipment industries in China. It is widely used in the field of robots, mainly used in robots; on joints, it can make robots; joints are more flexible, changeable and flexible. As a key component of the robot, the cost accounts for one-third of the total robot production cost. China has a late research on robot reducer and its technology is immature. At present, it relies heavily on imports. It can be said that reducer is the key factor restricting the development of China's robot industry. Conquering technology is an inevitable choice for the domestic industrialization of robot enterprises.

Among all the core components of the robot, the reducer is the most critical. In the field of mechanical transmission, the reducer is an intermediate device between the power source and the actuator. Usually, the high-speed power of the motor, the internal combustion engine and the like are transmitted through the pinion gear on the input shaft to mesh the large gear on the output shaft to achieve the purpose of deceleration. And pass more torque. However, when we were in the era of infinite robotics, China still does not have the ability to design and manufacture it.

Throughout the global market, Japan's reducer technology is more advanced, has occupied the industry overlord for many years; the four major families of industrial robots have been using the speed reducers of the two companies in Japan, Nabtsk and Hamernac.

On the other hand, domestically, although China's reducer manufacturers have increased their investment in recent years, there is still a long way to go from mass production. Although domestic reducer brands such as Nantong Zhengkang and Suzhou Greenland have occupied some market share in recent years, most domestic enterprises will still choose Japanese reducers. It must be said that their high prices have severely suppressed the profit margin of domestic industrial robots.

At present, the bottleneck of the development of domestic reducer is mainly mass production, involving toll gates, management, technology and other issues, which leads to the production capacity of domestic reducer can not be doubled in a short period of time, unable to meet the expanding market demand.

Industrial robots usually perform repetitive actions to complete the same process; in order to ensure that industrial robots can reliably perform process tasks in production and ensure process quality, the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of industrial robots are very high.

The robot industry is the fastest growing industry in the country in the next decade. As one of the emerging strategic industries in the country, robotics reflects the comprehensive strength of national science and technology. Conquering the core component technology of robots is an inevitable choice for the industrialization of domestic robot enterprises.

As an indispensable transmission equipment in modern construction, the reducer is widely used in various fields of the national economy. For the robot industry, reducers are a vital application in the industry chain. Thanks to the rise of the robot industry, the market demand will continue to be released in the future, and the development of the robot reducer industry is expected to enter the fast lane.

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