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How to run the brushless deceleration motor correctly?

Date: 2018-07-28
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When the brushless DC motor is used, it may be heated up. If its temperature is too high, it will easily cause damage. Below

Find out how it is tested.

1. Measurement of working temperature

The measurement of the temperature rise of the measured motor is usually carried out at the same time as the bearing capacity and transmission efficiency of the deceleration motor, and can also be carried out separately. The working temperature of the speed reducer under the rated speed and the rated input power is read when the speed reducer is in accordance with the regulations.

2. Determination of the temperature of the environment

The thermometer is placed at 1.5m from the surface of the DC deceleration motor, the height of the thermometer distance from the ground and the axle center line of the reducer. The thermometer should not be affected by the external radiation heat and the air flow. The reading of the temperature value of the environment and the reading of the working temperature value should be carried out simultaneously.


The application of the deceleration motor is very wide, the operation is very simple, it is necessary to use and maintain it better, and the temperature should be controlled well. I hope the above knowledge can bring convenience to everyone.

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