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The future development trend of Coreless motor?

Date: 2018-07-26
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The Coreless motor has overcome the insurmountable technical obstacle of the iron core motor, and its outstanding characteristic concentrates on the main performance aspects of the motor, so that it has a wide application field. In particular, with the rapid development of industrial technology, the servo characteristics of the motor continue to be higher expectations and requirements, so that the Coreless motor has an irreplaceable position in many applications.

The application of Coreless motor has developed rapidly in more than 10 years since it entered the field of large industry and civil field in the field of military and high technology. Especially in the developed countries, most industries and many products have been involved.

1. A fast response servo system. Such as the fast adjustment of the direction of the missile, the servo control of the high magnification drive, the fast auto focusing, the high sensitive recording and detecting equipment, the industrial robot, the bionic prosthesis, and so on, the Coreless motor can meet its technical requirements well.

2, the drive components require stable and durable drag products. Such as all kinds of portable instruments, personal equipment, field operation instruments and equipment, electric vehicles, etc., the same group of power supply, power supply time can be extended more than one time.

3, all kinds of aircraft, including aviation, aerospace, aviation models, etc. The Coreless motor has the advantages of light weight, small volume and low energy consumption, which can minimize the weight of the aircraft.

4. All kinds of civil electrical appliances and industrial products. The Coreless motor is used as the executive element to improve the grade and superior performance of the product.

5. Using the advantages of high efficiency of energy conversion, it is also used as a generator. Using its linear running characteristics, it is also used as a speed measuring generator; with a reducer, it can also be used as a torque motor.

With the progress of industrial technology, the strict technical conditions of various mechanical and electrical equipment have put forward more and more technical requirements for the servo motor. At the same time, the application scope of the Coreless motor has completely separated from the limitation of the high-end products, and is rapidly expanding the scope of the application of the low end products in general civil and so on. Product quality. According to statistics, more than 100 kinds of civilian products have been applied to Coreless motors in developed countries.

The domestic industry has not fully understood the excellent performance of the Coreless motor, which has hindered the technical progress of the mechanical and electrical products in many fields, and has seriously affected the technical competitiveness of our similar products abroad. Many of the new products developed in China are not in conformity with the requirements of motor performance, and the overall level of their products has a large gap with the similar products abroad, limiting the development and development of many products, such as medical devices, prosthetics, robots, cameras, cameras and some special fields, even in textile machinery and lasers. This phenomenon exists in the measurement instrument and so on. However, the production of Coreless motor is far less than iron core motor because of its complex process. The production cost is high, labor cost is high, and the skill level of operator is high. A lot of difficulties and restrictions are brought to mass production. The development of Coreless motor has been developed for twenty or thirty years in China, but it has been developed rapidly until later, not only in the domestic market instead of imported products, but also the enterprises have begun to participate in the international market competition.

A brushless DC hollow core cup motor has integrated a number of key technologies, such as low rotational inertia, slotless, low friction, and very compact commutation systems, which will bring faster acceleration, higher efficiency, lower Joule loss, and greater constant torque. Coreless motor technology reduces volume, reduces weight and reduces calorific value, so it is an ideal choice for similar applications in portable or small equipment. Thus, a better motor performance can be achieved in a smaller frame, thus providing better comfort and convenience for the end users. In addition, in battery powered applications, no core design can extend the life of the equipment and improve energy efficiency.

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