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Coreless motor principle

Date: 2017-11-03
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This novel rotor structure completely eliminates the loss of electrical energy due to eddy currents in the core and at the same time greatly reduces its weight and moment of inertia, thus reducing the mechanical energy loss of the rotor itself. Due to the structural changes of the rotor motor performance has been greatly improved, not only with outstanding energy-saving features, more importantly, with the iron core motor control and drag characteristics can not be achieved.

Coreless motor are:

1, energy-saving features: high energy conversion efficiency, the maximum efficiency is generally above 70%, some products can reach 90% (iron core motor is generally 70%).

2, the control features: start, brake quickly, fast response, the mechanical time constant is less than 28 milliseconds, some products can reach less than 10 milliseconds (iron core motor generally more than 100 milliseconds); recommended operating area in the high-speed operation state , You can easily adjust the speed of the sensitive.

3, drag characteristics: running stability is very reliable, small fluctuations in speed, as the micro-motor speed fluctuations can easily be controlled within 2%. In addition, the energy density of the Coreless motor is greatly improved, and its weight and volume are reduced by 1 / 3-1 / 2 compared with the iron core motor of the same power.

Coreless motor has the following advantages:

1, the maximum energy conversion efficiency (an indicator of its energy-saving features): its efficiency is generally above 70%, some products can reach 90% (ordinary iron core motor 15-50%);

2, Activation, rapid braking, fast response: the mechanical time constant is less than 28 milliseconds, some products can reach within 10 milliseconds, the speed regulation is sensitive under the high speed running condition in the recommended operating region;

3, Reliable operation stability: Strong adaptability, its own speed fluctuation can be controlled within 2%;

4, less electromagnetic interference: the use of high-quality brushes, commutator structure, commutation Spark small, you can remove the additional anti-jamming device;

5, the energy density: Compared with the same power of the core motor, its weight, size and reduce 1 / 3-1 / 2; speed - voltage, speed - torque, torque - current and other parameters showed a standard linear relationship.

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