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Visiting the former residence of martyr, inheriting the revolutionary spirit

Date: 2016-07-17
Clcik: 188

To vigorously carry forward the grand spirit of Anti-aggression,inspiring the patriotic enthusiasm and working motivation of employees further,Shenzhen Sinbad Motor Co.,Ltd organized all staff to visit Yeting forest park and Yeting memorial park on July 17,cherishing the memory of martyr,gazing upon the great feats of revolutionary martyr and accepting the revolutionary tradition education.

Simple and tranquil Yeting memorial park decorated lots of relics and photographs,and truly,vividly reflected that the Yeting martyr sacrificed his life for liberation,development and stabilization,being based on the deeds of Yeting and historical background,and relying on multivariate artistic form of painting and sculpture.

On that day,all staffs carefully watched the detailed texts and precious relics documented with life and combat experience of Yeting ,knowing the revolutionary deeds of Yeting general’s life,feeling his steadfast and unyielding and awe-inspiring righteousness,studying his patriotism.Party member staffs raised their right hand confirmedly to review the oath for joining the Party of the CPC,showing remembrance to the revolutionary martyr.

Through the visited and studied,all staffs were moved by Yeting general’s revolutionary devotion spirit and noble sentiments,which inspired their working passion.Employees indicated they will strengthen their responsibility consciousness constantly to strive for company construction and customer service by taking revolutionary martyr as an example during studying and working in the future.


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