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Sinbad Motor Co.,Ltd annual party:Toasting for each other,thanksgiving 2015

Date: 2016-01-31
Clcik: 201

On January 31,Shenzhen Sinbad Motor Co.,Ltd ceremoniously held the 2015 Spring Festival Gala. All staffs gathered together and celebrated the festival.

After the annual party opening,chairman Mr.Hou Qisheng deeply summarized development process and the accumulated experience of Sinbad Motor Co.,Ltd since established in 2011.He also showed the results of these years and looked ahead at developing emphasis and direction in 2016.Sinbad Motor Co.,Ltd always be the way of innovation.Every fascinating turning has obtained achievements in large numbers through successfully practice.

Sinbad Motor Co.,Ltd today’s achievement can’t do without all core elite leader team distinguishing themselves besides strategy navigating of Mr.Hou Qisheng.They were involved in working out Sinbad Motor Co.,Ltd’s development strategy,and mapped out a strategy for guiding Sinbad Motor Co.,Ltd in one after another new height as they are professional,wise,diligent and modest.With the honor and glory,staffs gained the heavy recognition of firm in gratitude.Their acquired today’s achievement through a year of sparing no efforts and struggle.They will be more harder and climb the mountain step by step in the future.

In the party,leader team and staffs performed the most common programs on stage,passing love and being thankful for friendship,which was a bright spot in Sinbad Motor Co.,Ltd 2015 Spring Festival Gala.Whether dance,sketch,cross talk or sing,they were always talented and dynamic.On the stage of Sinbad Motor Co.,Ltd ,talent and personality would be interpreted and released.Enthusiasm will be motivation of chasing dream by highlighting and showing themselves.

In 2015, hand in a perfect assignment,but Sinbad Motor Co.,Ltd didn’t stop the pace.In 2016,Sinbad Motor Co.,Ltd will full of life with happy song to the new direction,led by Mr.Hou and elite leader team.



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