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Date of listing: 2019-01-18
Size: dia 12mm length 15mm
Customized specifications are acceptable



12V  10400rpm Printer Coreless DC Motor with gear 1722 Series12V  10400rpm Printer Coreless DC Motor with gear 1722 Series12V  10400rpm Printer Coreless DC Motor with gear 1722 Series
         High quality copper wire     Imported bearings from Japan

  Sturdy coils after high temperature

       and high pressure treatment

12V  10400rpm Printer Coreless DC Motor with gear 1722 Series12V  10400rpm Printer Coreless DC Motor with gear 1722 Series12V  10400rpm Printer Coreless DC Motor with gear 1722 Series
   High quality permanent magnet        Wear resistant metal shaft     High quality plastic back cover

Why choose us?

100% complete inspection of the materials after we get from our suppliers and products before ex-factory to ensure the quality for our customer.

The perfect substitute for European motors which can save lots of time and cost

We  also have motors dia from 10-50mm,applications as followings for your reference:

Dental equipment, drone, medical equipment, tattoo machine, tattoo pen, beauty pen, electronic lock, scar treatment instrument, nail gun, blood analyzer, electronic door lock, power tool, steering gear, remote control toy, printer, water Light needle, injection needle, robot, robot arm, electronic valve, micro pump, gas nail gun, micro air pump, industrial micro pump, blinds, Heidelberg printer, electric garden scissors, electric pruning machine, electric scissors, record player,  car rearview Mirrors, wipers, electric screwdrivers, military, electric curtains, meat slicers, golf carts, balers, automatic brake systems etc.

Customer visiting:


Deliver Shipping and Serving

We can provide an comfortable shopping experience for our customers and offering door to door service.

Once the customer finished the payment, we will make fast production and delivering to customer's office by express without any worry.

Meanwhile we can offer our customer 1 year warranty without any human damaged factor.

We can offer one-stop service from solution, prototype to production, our customer only focus on perfect their own product.


1. Q: What kind motors can you provide?          

  We are specialized in all types of micro DC brushed motors,coreless motors,coreless servo motors,include vibration motors ,gear motors and planetary gear motors with diameter range from 6 mm to 40 mm.

2. Q. Could you provide us a price list of product range?     

 As you know that we are one of the top OEM and ODM manufacturers for micro DC brushed motors,coreless motors and servo motors in China. The parameters of custom-made motors vary from the rated voltage, speed, current, torque,outlet shaft, etc. So it is difficult for us to offer you the price list of standard motors. If you can offer us the detailed parameters and order quantity of the motor, then we will quote you our best price immediately.

3. Q. How could we get your samples?       

Normally as we are the factory, we wouldn’t offer the motor samples for customer retail. We only want to offer the sample motors to customers who wants to use our motor to research and develop their products.

  We can offer the samples as per customer request and charge the sample fee, but we cannot cover the shipping fee.After confirm the final order, we can deduct the sample fee from the order payment.

4. Q. Could we visit your factory?            

 Of course, we welcome you to visit our factory any time, but please inform us 2-days before visiting.

5. Q. How long is your delivery time?          

 The delivery time varies from 10- 25days depends on different motor types.

  For the coreless motor can be delivered within 15-20 days for normal parameters and normal materials.

 And for the DC coreless motors or gear motors should be at least 20-25 days.

6. Q.What is the minimum quantity of the order?         

 There are different MOQ for different motors, normally vary from 100-2000pcs depends on the motor you needed.

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