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XBD-1636 Servo Motor

Date of listing: 2017-11-16


Size: dia 16mm length 36mm

Customized specifications are acceptable

Sandard Parameters:

Nominal Values
1. Nominal voltage24 V
2. No load current0.015 mA
3. No load speed13000 rpm
4. Nominal speed10910 rpm
5. Nominal torque / Max continuous torque9.09mNm /28.42mNm
6 .Nominal current (continuous current)0.525A
7. Stall torque56.84 mNm
8 .Stall current3.200 A
9.Rated efficiency82.50%
10 .Max speed14400rpm
11. Terminal resistance7.5 Ohm
12. Terminal inductance…… mH
13 .Torque constant17.763mNm/A
14 .Speed constant541.6rpm/V
15. Rotor inertia…gcm2
16 .Ambient temperature-20/+60°C
17. Max winding temperature120°C
Other Specifications
18 .Number of pole pairs1
19 .Number of commutator segments5
20. Weight of motor42.4 g
21. Level of noise65 dBA
Max Efficiency Point
22. Torque3.69 mNm
23. Speed12155 rpm

24. Current

0.222 A
25. Power input5.33 W
26. Power output4.7W
27. Max Efficiency88.20%

Encoder Specification
Number of Channels:   3
Max. Counts per turn:  1024
Encoder Length L Max: 8.5 mm
Ambient Temperature: -40 …+70℃
Weight: 7g
(Remarks:Above the specifications just for your review only,customized according to your need.)
1636 + encoder 


can combined with gear/ encoder/ gearbox/gearbox+encoder

1636 + encoder

1636 + encoder


B16 encoder
PS: B16 series of magnetic components encoder is developed for medical device products, with speed and direction of signal output,
5V power supply compatible with the TTL level, two-channel, 24-line products are now mass production.
General parameters
Power supply voltage rangeVccV
3.6 - 20
Output lowVomVIo=-15mA


Output current limitImmA
Speed output pulse numberNpPRT
Operating temperature rangeTa
Storage temperature rangeTstg

Working parameters
Rated supply voltageVccV
Rated supply currentIcmA
Load ResistanceRLkΩ
Speed output delay timeTd


The direction output is changed after the speed output delay5
Chopping frequencyFcKHz
Output rise timeTrμS
Output the fall timeTrμS

Working parameters

1636 + encoder

Adaptation of B16 motor parameters
Serial numberProjectUnitValue
1Rated voltageV1212
2No-load currentmA25100
3No load speedrpm1150011600
4Stall currentmA7001080
5Armature resistance


6Speed constantrpm/V965974
7Maximum allowable speedrpm1400012000
8Ambient temperature range  -20 ~ +65  

Adaptation 16 planetary reducer parameters
Serial numberProjectUnitValue
2Reduction ratio

3Maximum continuous output torqueNm0.150.20.3
4Maximum transfer efficiency%908173
6No-load average empty back°2.52.53
7Gearbox lengthmm16.820.424


Pin definition

1636 + encoder


Why choose us?


Advanced & Sufficient production equipments. 

Deliver Shipping and Serving

We can provide an comfortable shopping experience for our customers and offering door to door service.

Once the customer finished the payment, we will make fast production and delivering to customer's office by express without any worry.

Meanwhile we can offer our customer 1 year warranty without any human damaged factor.

We can offer one-stop service from solution, prototype to production, our customer only focus on perfect their own product.


1. Q: What kind motors can you provide?          

  We are specialized in all types of micro DC brushed motors,coreless motors,coreless servo motors,include vibration motors ,gear motors and planetary gear motors with diameter range from 6 mm to 40 mm.

2. Q. Could you provide us a price list of product range?     

 As you know that we are one of the top OEM and ODM manufacturers for micro DC brushed motors,coreless motors and servo motors in China. The parameters of custom-made motors vary from the rated voltage, speed, current, torque,outlet shaft, etc. So it is difficult for us to offer you the price list of standard motors. If you can offer us the detailed parameters and order quantity of the motor, then we will quote you our best price immediately.

3. Q. How could we get your samples?       

Normally as we are the factory, we wouldn’t offer the motor samples for customer retail. We only want to offer the sample motors to customers who wants to use our motor to research and develop their products.

  We can offer the samples as per customer request and charge the sample fee, but we cannot cover the shipping fee.After confirm the final order, we can deduct the sample fee from the order payment.

4. Q. Could we visit your factory?            

 Of course, we welcome you to visit our factory any time, but please inform us 2-days before visiting.

5. Q. How long is your delivery time?          

 The delivery time varies from 10- 25days depends on different motor types.

  For the coreless motor can be delivered within 15-20 days for normal parameters and normal materials.

 And for the DC coreless motors or gear motors should be at least 20-25 days.

6. Q.What is the minimum quantity of the order?         

 There are different MOQ for different motors, normally vary from 100-2000pcs depends on the motor you needed.

Latest news:

We're going to participate in the Hannover Messe in Germany in April 2019. Our booth number is Hall 14th J50-3 . Welcome to visit our booth in there


  • Available in single or double shaft versions.

  • Passionate salesman help you to know our products and company.

  • Experienced engineer and workers produce your orders according to your requests.

  • Help you to choose the right DC dear motor for your application.

  • Small fluctuation of speed, fluctuation is normally controlled within 2%.


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