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What should I do if the DC gear motor cannot start?

Date: 2018-07-18
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What is the problem that the DC gear motor can't be started? Sinbad motor thinks that the DC gear motor can't start normally. There are mainly the following reasons. Let's get to know it.

1, mechanical failure

The mechanical equipment or transmission mechanism of the motor is stuck, and the starting load is too heavy. At this point, the power should be removed quickly to find mechanical faults;

2, motor failure

Possible situations: severe brush wear, jamming, insufficient spring pressure, etc., causing poor contact between the brush and the commutator; the armature winding is disconnected; the field winding is broken and there is no residual magnetism. The treatment method is to disconnect the power supply, and check the contact resistance between the brush and the commutator piece and the resistance at both ends of each winding with the resistance of the multimeter. If the resistance value is large, the fault exists, and then further check to find the breakpoint for repair; [small geared motor]

3, the power supply is missing

   Possible situations: for example, the power switch is not well-connected, the fuse of the pre-stage fuse is blown, the fuse of the main circuit or control circuit of the motor is blown, the power supply control device such as the contactor is broken, and the line conductor is broken or loose. The solution is to start from the pre-fuse fuse and gradually check the wires and devices of the motor main circuit and the control circuit to find out the cause and repair.


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