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Date: 2019-05-09
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In the field of automation, SINBAD motors have obvious advantages: Automation enables faster results, higher productivity, fewer errors, and lower personnel costs. In order to ensure smooth operation of the equipment, the high dynamic performance and high precision of the drive system are extremely important.

In which industries is automation difficult to play?

Automated processes can be seen at the factory. The medical industry is a fast-growing area in the world. For many years, in IVD, blood samples, urine samples and tissues analytical aspects of medical sample, Automation equipment is the best choice for solving problems. In the development of new drugs for pharmaceutical companies, automation in research and development laboratory testing procedures has also become more and more high.

What are the basic requirements that the motor must meet?

1725 and 2225 series coreless DC motors are especially suitable for this field. It has no core shell, so in the case of comparable performance, Other models are lighter and smaller. Simultaneously. Their dynamic performance is also excellent. High quality accessories to ensure reliable operation of the equipment, Longer service life is extremely important for our customers. At the same time, they can also reduce their production costs. So if you want to replace the motor now.

Our SINBAD motor is your best choice. Our accessories are also of very high quality and can be used with confidence.


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