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Shenzhen City trillion electric machinery is a professional production of planetary gear box manufacturers, 21 years of R & D, production and testing. Well-equipped, more than 100 person highly educated R & D team. Mechatronics has designed and developed a planetary gear box, a micro gear box deceleration motor, a miniature DC deceleration motor, a planetary deceleration motor, a deceleration motor, and a deceleration motor, through a comparison of the industry and a large number of experimental data. Customized planetary gear box can be developed according to the needs of customers. I...
Time: 2018 - 07 - 24
Imagine that one day your room has a "person" with the same appearance as you, but the appearance is unbelievably realistic. Although this "person" has no flesh and blood, but this kind of simulation robot in China, this scene is no longer a science fiction novel, but a fact.Today's simulation robots combine real-life and robotic technologies. The appearance of the robot is fully simulated. Even hair and eyebrows require a lot of labor. The outer shell of the simulation robot is made of siliceous material, so it is flexible and feels almost the same as a real person.XBD...
Time: 2018 - 07 - 23
What are the problems that need to be paid attention to when selecting 24v DC geared motor manufacturers? The following is the speed reduction of 24v DC for everyone by Shenzhen Sinbad MotorMotor manufacturers analyze:1. The voltage we choose is directly input from our own original voltage, so we do not need to buy a high voltage driver to drive the 24v DC brushless motor. 2. What is the distance between the manufacturer and the distance from the manufacturer? What is the arrival time? What is the use of express logistics? These are for brushless 24v DC.The installation time of the m...
Time: 2018 - 07 - 18
What is the problem that the DC gear motor can't be started? Sinbad motor thinks that the DC gear motor can't start normally. There are mainly the following reasons. Let's get to know it.1, mechanical failureThe mechanical equipment or transmission mechanism of the motor is stuck, and the starting load is too heavy. At this point, the power should be removed quickly to find mechanical faults;2, motor failurePossible situations: severe brush wear, jamming, insufficient spring pressure, etc., causing poor contact between the brush and the commutator; the armature winding is disc...
Time: 2018 - 07 - 18
Shenzhen Xinbaoda Motor Company's stepper motor, brushless motor, DC gear motor, brushless gear motor, step gear motor can be applied to a variety of robots, such as travel control, angle control, up and down swing control, accurate High degree, low current and long service life.Application Category ProductWalking robotXBD-4070Home robotXBD-2230, XBD-1230, XBD-1570+ encoder, XBD-3331+ gearboxMilitary robotBLDC XBD-3237, BLDC XBD-2854smart robotXBD-1230, XBD-2826, XBD-2833, XBD-2850, XBD-3272,RobotXBD-4070+ gearbox, XBD-3570+ gearbox, XBD-4045Electric toyBLDC XBD-2854 + Encoder, BLDC XBD-36...
Time: 2018 - 07 - 16
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