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Gear motor gear which is through the motor gear box to achieve the appropriate speed and force. Then the terms on the gear is divided into the following categories.Gear teeth - Each raised area on the gear for engagement. In general, these raised parts are arranged radially. Paired gear tooth contact with each other, resulting in continued gear meshing operation.Cogging - the space between two adjacent gears on the gear.Face - The plane perpendicular to the gear or worm axis on a spur gear or cylindrical worm.Law surface - on the gear, the law refers to the plane perpendicular to the tooth lin...
Time: 2017 - 11 - 15
A Brushless DC (BLDC) motor is a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with unique back EMF waveform that allows them to behave similarly to a brushed DC motor. Some confusion can arise from the name, as a brushless DC motor does not directly operate off a DC voltage source. However, the basic principle of operation is similar to a DC motor.The electromagnet would remain frozen in this position if it could not change polarity. To keep the motor turning, the direction of the electric current must be switched. Changing the current flips the poles of the electromagnet, causing the armature to contin...
Time: 2017 - 10 - 25
Coreless Dc Motors, are a specialized form of  DC motors. These motors are used where small motors and rapid acceleration, is needed. The difference of a coreless motor is; this type of motor has a rotor that is constructed without any iron core. They can be in cylindrical or disc form. Coreless motor is a motor like a normal brushed DC motor, except for an important difference: The soft-iron core onto which the coil is wound, in normal DC motors, is absent in coreless motorsDramatically improved acceleration and deceleration because, the iron core in usual rotors contributes to 90% ...
Time: 2017 - 10 - 23
DC motor has been widely used in various machinery, which means that DC motor has been used in hundreds of industries such as the mining, pharmaceutical and other industries. Working conditions of DC motor are different because of different industries, so the daily maintenance of DC motor’s is certainly different. Therefore, we should observe the DC motor’s working status regularly to avoid unnecessary damages.  It is very important to avoid the damages of the motor in operation that maintaining motor everyday. The most important point is inspecting and eliminating the reason of any ...
Time: 2017 - 04 - 18
Since the second half of the year, Sinbad Motor's internal and external markets have achieved good results, and the company's three major performance indicators of sales, production and delivery have reached new heights.In the production workshop, the production line is running at full capacity, and the entire line of workers work overtime, and the daily production record is frequently refreshed.At the same time, we must ensure that customers receive quality and quantity of products, ensure that production and delivery are in order, and guarantee production tasks.In 2019, all...
Time: 2019 - 01 - 09
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