Team spirit of SINBAD Motor Co.,Ltd.
Team spirit of SINBAD Motor Co.,Ltd.
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From January 2019 to the present, Everyone is busy delivering to customersThe company organized everyone to travel, Colleagues are enthusiasticHigh moraleFully understand the power from the team.


Sinbad has more than 90 employees. One of the most staffed companies in other industries, Sinbad's team spirit encourages other companies to innovate in their respective industry sectors.


The success of our products and services is the source of enthusiasm and energy of every employee of sinbad Motor Co., Ltd. Every sinbad motor drive has their push and promotion behind it.


Due to the large number of orders in these months, There will be too little communication and communication between various departments. This tour provides a great opportunity for each other. Enhance mutual understanding and trust, Must work together in the work, Team spirit and overall awareness of mutual support.

Team spirit of sinbad motor co.,ltd.

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