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In June 2011, Shenzhen Xinbaoda Motor Co., Ltd. was established. At the beginning of the company's establishment, the company was mainly engaged in the design and development of high-end hollow-core motors.

In July 2012, a standard production line was established to purchase equipment.

In April 2013, the company officially registered successfully, and established markets, technology, production, quality, administration, finance, PMC and other departments, and successfully carried out large-scale production and sales.

In March 2014, the company's system construction was becoming more and more perfect, and new equipment was added. Products are widely used in medical equipment, household appliances, information and communication, aviation models, power tools, beauty equipment, precision instruments and electric toys and other products, and gradually exported to Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia and other developed countries and regions.

In June 2015, the quality management system complied with the GB/T 19001-2008 and ISO 9001:2008 standards and successfully passed the CAC China Coal Association certification.

In October 2015, it became a member of Shenzhen IOT Intelligent Technology Application Association.

In November 2015, after passing the inspection, appraisal and testing, the products passed the SGS certification.

In December 2015, the company applied for 8 utility model patents.

In May 2016, six utility model patent certificates were successfully obtained, and two invention patents were being applied for.

In June 2016, the company applied for a national high-tech industry.

In July 2016, the international domain names “Hollow Cup Motor. Website” and “Brushless Motor. Website” were successfully registered and have been filed in the international top-level domain database.

In August 2016, the “New Fourth Board” was successfully listed in the Qianhai Equity Exchange Center.





2015年6月,质量管理体系符合GB/T 19001-2008和ISO 9001:2008标准,成功通过CAC中煤协认证。








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