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Core Concept System:

Corporate Goal:Managing Continuously to Set Gold Quality, Inviting Wise Talents to Create Centenary Glory.

Management Concept:Integrity and Pragmatism,Quality-first,Customer -oriented.

Enterprise Spirit:Unity and Fighting,Determined to Forge ahead, Developing and Innovation.

Service Objective:Enthusiasm and Sincerity,Personalized Service,Striving for the Top.

Corporate Vision:Quite Unashamedly,Brimming with Confidence and Heroism.

Management Concept System:

Honesty:Disinterestedness in Mind,Impartiality and integrity in Work,Incorruptibility and Simplicity in Daily Life.

Quality:Taking Quality Seriously,Concerning Quality,Supervising Quality.

Talent:Establishing Talents Awareness to Seek Talents with Eagerness,Organizing the Great Scale Talents Team.

Literacy:Forming the Good habits,Improving the Whole Quality。

Accuracy:Ensuring Safety Production,Preferring not Producing than Unsafety.

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