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Electrical Engineer

Position nature: Full-time

Work experience: 5~10 Years

Minimum education: Bachelor degree

Recruitment number: 2 people


Position responsibilities:

1、Making,designing,developing the project of coreless motor;

2、Completing motor testing plan formulation,and guiding the testing department to finish the test;

3、Following up and solving the problems of motor production;

4、Completing related technical documents.


Position requirements:

1、Bachelor degree or above;

2、Electrical machine and related professions,being good at operating 2D&3D mapping software,and skillful in using Ansoft or Ansys electromagnetic simulation software;

3、Having development and design experience of coreless motor about 5 years,knowing about motor production technology and process;

4、Learning quickly with independent development ability,giving priority to candidate who knowing principle of dc motor;

5、Being familiar with related testing and safety standards of motor;

6、Having good communication skills and execution with a strong sense of responsibility.


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